Help: Posts

A post represents a single file that's been uploaded. Each post can have several tags, comments, and notes. If you have an account, you can also add a post to your favorites.


Searching for posts is straightforward. Simply enter the tags you want to search for, separated by spaces. For example, searching for original panties will return every post that has both the original tag AND the panties tag.

Implicitly sorted: most recent uploads first

Special queries
(-)parent:{id|any|none} parent:1234
Only shows or hides this specific post and its child posts.
parent:0 hides all child posts
parent:all shows all parents and child posts.
parent:none shows no parent or child posts.
(-)user:{name} user:username
Shows or hides posts from a specific user.
(-)fav:{name} fav:username
Shows or hides favorites from a specific user.
Overrides standard implicit sort order.
(-)rating:(Safe|Questionable|Explicit) rating:safe
Shows or hides posts with a specific rating.
(-)md5:{32 hex digits} md5:66c8e*
Shows or hides posts with a specific md5 hash.
sort:(<|>){id|score|width|height|resolution} sort:score
< sorts ascending.
> sorts descending. (default)
fav:{<|>}{name} fav:>username
Explicit sorting by fav order. < sorts ascending.
> sorts descending.

Tag List

In both the listing page and the show page you'll notice a list of tag links with characters next to them. Here's an explanation of what they do: (Currently removed)

This adds the tag to the current search.
This adds the negated tag to the current search.
The number next to the tag represents how many posts there are. This isn't always the total number of posts for that tag. It may be slightly out of date as cache isn't always refreshed.

When you're not searching for a tag, by default the tag list will show the last few tags added to the database. When you are searching for tags, the tag list will show related tags, alphabetically.