1 year ago
It has been a long, strange journey, but I have finally returned
Hello guys. I know you probably dont remember who I am but thats alright. I was one of the members of the original Scatbooru site. I had helped run the Fartbooru and GasExplosionBooru sites during the time in which the troll known as LilDirkDirk had been harassing those sites. Unfortunately, both of those sites had been lost because of his actions. After this terrible experience, I took a long break from booru sites. I had moved countries and I now reside in Canada. I am pleased to return to this site and I hope for the best for this community.
1 year ago
Ok i feel slow but I literally already forgot the login to that account XD yeah this is the Official Authentic WolfGang account now ignore that one
1 year ago
Hey dude I remember you, welcome back!
Some stuff has changed since then. We now mainly use discord as our form. We only really keep this around as legacy. Happy to have you back. Just email us or pop in the discord to confirm stuff and get your account set up if you want to upload.


Site is the same but with improvements for the most part. We're stricter on the old no loli/shota/cub rules since we host the site ourselves, but that's about it :)

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