1 year ago
Need help with broken tag and finding image
There was an artist a while back named sweetstuff that had their art on here. The tag for them leads to 0 results when i click it. I was able to find a few images of their art on here through a google search but not all. I was specifically trying to find an animated pic of theirs. The pic is black and white and shows a girl on a toilet/bucket. There is a panel on the side showing a close up of her butt. She squirts out a bit of diarrhea before pooping the rest of her dump. Does anyone know where i can find this image and can the tag for sweetstuff be fixed?
1 year ago
yeaaaah uh
since, the move, his stuff gone kaput.
had i knew how to use GalleryDL or skimmed the tag, i might've saved some stuff in an organized place.

i'm not also sure if YS/SweetStuff are still around, as they're radio silent on Discord too, but i do hope they make a return as Gurochan needs to come back already.
1 year ago
If they did Loli/Shota/Cub then their art might have been deleted to comply with UK law, but beyond that a lot of tags got vandalized at some point and just need to be fixed up is all.

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