4 years ago
Hi. :)
Hey, I'm TheDispenser69 and I see that quite a number of my art is uploaded here, I don't have a problem with that in fact I am flattered. However could you guys credit me. My art has the 69 symbol at the bottom. My older art just had my name "TheDispenser69" as the watermark. I'm here to upload my art to here as well as my Pixiv. :)

~ TheDispenser69
almost 4 years ago
Hey man have plans for March like Lynn loud on toilet and pls I’m sorry I will stop irritating you on pixiv
almost 4 years ago
We've got a bit of a job to keep most posts tagged in the first place. Right now we cannot approve new accounts posting/editing permissions to the site, but when we get that sorted you will be able to add your source/artist tag to the posts. One of our main uploaders is pretty shitabout giving the source so oftern we don't get it sorry.

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