1 year ago
Extreme Scat Corruption ERP
Hi there! I've been searching high and low for someplace to do an extreme and fun Scat corruption ERP. The only limits i have are underage and anything bug related so anything other than those two are on the table.

I'm looking for a corruption ERP where my OC olivia is basically turned into a humungous Shit Slut! We can go even further turning her into a living toilet or a Shit/Diaper monster if you would like too

If so then add me via my tag down below at Uchiha Reaper#7511.

Can't wait to see you folks there so we can get started! In case you wanted to know what Olivia looked like-

Ref: rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1881869
1 year ago
Might wanna try asking in the scatborru discord rp channel


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