almost 2 years ago
Why there is no male? Hate male or so??
So, what is the reason for no male tag and I look and there is far more female dom-male coprophagia, but not opposite, and if it is there is one, it is dom as cruel not equal dom and sub. So, wondering if can block female dom to male corprohagia, until male dom to female coprophagia catch up to close level then unblock, so will balance out so to be visual post so only male dom-connect to female corprohagia.

It is like it is a male world, but not thinking of female world that would want to watch two male and male doing the female, would they?? It would be nice to have true equal for both.
almost 2 years ago

Currently, the gay and 1boy tags are used.

A long tie ago, someone aliased male to gay and it kinda fucked up the tags sorry.
One day we will go through all the posts and fix them and the tag, but for now the gay tag is where you can find male posts sorry

I have no idea what the rest of your post is asking for sorry, please reformat
almost 2 years ago
just blacklist posts with women in them moron

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