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Rules and Guidelines
Just like the old site, this site has rules and guidelines in order to keep the place high-quality
Please note that the rules have changed since the old site, so do please read them again.
-Only upload an image if it has scat in it, or if it is part of a set of images with scat in it. Toilet use, piss, and diapers are an exception, and are allowed as long as they are high quality and if there is evidence that they are shitting (facial expressions etc). This isn't necessarily a hard and fast rule, we just want to avoid low quality unrelated toiletposting that we have experienced in the past.
If uploading pages from a doujin, please only upload the pages with scat on them, and make sure to tag them with "doujin".

-Please at least try to upload high quality images. Obvious low quality spam will be removed on sight, and your account will be considered to have its upload priveledges revoked. This doesn't mean that sketches aren't allowed, but bad edits and paint images will likely be removed.

-This is more of a guideline, but when uploading an image, please try to get the original image in high quality instead of posting downscaled.
Furthermore, do at least try to tag your images. Even I'm not the best at this, but simple information such as 1girl and hyperscat is better than nothing. When tagging characters and franchises, add both, and add characters with the franchise afterwards in brackets OR the character's last name. Alternatively, if the character's first name isn't used anywhere else, you could set it as the first name then alias the first name to the full phrase.

-Loli was never allowed before, but now that we can actually use the site properly it's being enforced. Do not post it, because its illegal, simple as that. The old site still has all of the old ones, but loli posts are not allowed here. Alternatives to upload/find them include gurochan.cx/s/, pixiv, sankaku, and exhentai.

-In order to upload images, you must verify your account. This can be done by talking to us on Discord, or sending an email to [email protected] from the email registered with your account. I strongly suggest using Discord, as it will likely result in a quicker response, and is also easier for us, however the email is there if you need it.

-Finally, if you want to post the link to your discord server if you are an artist, then feel free to do so, although it would make it a lot easier if you specified that you are the artist. You could also make a forum post with examples of your art linked.

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