9 months ago
what happened with scat.booru.org
a pity the elimination of this scat.booru parallel to this, what happened to it? now it's called ivan, it was great now I can't find many publications that were there, it's a shame, I can't find many images of lucky star. Does anyone have the entire page backed up? Why can't lolis be here? There is no other decent booru than lolis scat.
9 months ago
nice name lol
Unfortunately Booru.org went after some blogs that were hosting some stuff that's not supposed to be uploaded including 3D stuff. Also the fact the entire booru got replaced by this one.

and thanks to UK laws and the UK police, Loli/Shota can't be hosted here.
Kunst had a backup availiable, but the fucking bong police just slammed in and ordered him to deleted all the loli/shota shit off the scat.booru back up if he doesn't want to go to jail.

Yes, they had a option to go host some place safer, but the damage has been done and Big Ben already got Kunst's information and address just in case.

There IS a place called AllOfTheFallen where you can host whatever loli/shota stuff you can share on their booru, and yes they accept scat.
I should make a separate topic about it so people here can upload any new and missing loli/shota scat there.
9 months ago
Scatbooru.org has been dead for like two years now. This site is its successor, made by the same people in response to the booru project having such bad security that it could not be maintained or worked on. We aren't actually sure if it was the loli or irl pics on the site that got it taken down, or just inactivity, but we did intend it to stay as an archive. It's a shame it got memory holed like that.

We have pretty much everything that was hosted there and more excluding loli/shota as explained by Zcat.

If you want loli/shota scat then try https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/. Their site design is always getting worse, and you've gotta prefix all your searches with -doujinshi and -cg_art these days to not get a ton of poorly tagged bot posts, but its still good for that kinda stuff these days.

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