1 years ago
Discord Server! (***Forum replacement***)
Click this link to download/open the app/site: https://discord.gg/QRs7Ew3

Here you can talk to us a lot easier, people upload pictures here and you also may need Discord in order to verify your account. For the time being we are unable to verify accounts as we have lost control of the main admin account. Sorry for any inconvenience.
You could try talking with a user in the discord server who has a verified account who can upload on your behalf in the meantime.

When you enter the server you should be in the #Welcome channel. Simply type or copy and paste " @Admin and @Moderator " and hit send in the channel.
This will ping a member of staff, who will let you in as soon as they see it. This is an anti-spam/anti-bot measure. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
5 months ago
Just to add to this. Forums are pretty shit, and outdated. The discord server is intended to be a modern replacement for this forum. Staff will still check the forum every now and then, but the server is far better both from a UI perspective, and a community one.
3 weeks ago
is it dead? it's not loading for me

edit: never mind im just stupid

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