10 months ago
I need help
For the last few year, i have posted hundreds of images on gasexplosionbooru. I tried to open the site the other day and EVERYTHING was gone. No images. No forum posts. Cant even log in. How can i, if its even possible, get all the images back?
10 months ago
gasexplosion went down too? huh.
The original scatbooru got shut down recently for some reason, so i guess the same thing happened to that. Either the admins are taking out boorus or Dirk's pulled some boorus.
I'll investigate further, although I don't know how to get your images back.
10 months ago
Seems that the admins are deleting abandoned boorus, and I know that both scatbooru and fartbooru have been inactive for a long while. Try contacting the admins perhaps?
9 months ago
It could also be because of the recent rule change regarding real images on .booru's. Aparantly images of real people are no longer allowed on thier service so it could be that in addition to being abandaned the whole booru got nuked when the admins didn't act to delete stuff?

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